In the March 2015 Harvard Business Review article “Stuff: When Less is More” ( ), it’s noted companies are more efficiently handling material and energy usage in product production. At the same time, consumer consumption has increased.

Out of context, the Just Out quote’s ending (p.29) would give many people pause: Consumption can have a positive halo? Avid readers of this magazine know we encourage meaningful connections with customers and give a thumbs-down on making a quick buck at buyer and environmental expense.  In context, Kathy Oneto’s statement makes perfect sense and is a strategy — employed honestly — BRANDPACKAGING believes will help brands reach their customers while keeping consumption from a singularly dirty-word status.

So, where is your brand on its green journey? In Continuing Down the Sustainable Path (p.6), sustainability experts Jennifer McCracken and Todd Bukowski, both from HAVI Global Solutions’ Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions division, speak to how brands can take their eco efforts further, whether yours is starting out or now a seasoned pro, and especially if your fans aren’t a group ready to go out of their way to be green.

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