I’m very bothered by mindless consumption and the over-massing of possessions, a major problem in America. If you’ve watched “The True Cost” or seen young adults’ haul videos on YouTube, I would think you too are in the same boat.

Fashion isn’t the only industry with issues: Quality and care are dropping in many. It is now a common occurrence for a pet food manufacturer to issue an apology expressing its bewilderment that its reported content wasn’t the true content. Two times now, a baby products company has received backlash from moms: once, after its lotion failed to protect, and twice, after scientists confirmed ingredients in a detergent that the brand promised it would not have. Not every recall or product failure stems from company conspiracy, and the examples given truly might have been an honest mistake (no pun intended). Still, where is our pride in our work and products — a question I’m not excusing myself from answering. We can always improve, and we should continually try.

Our days are filled with many good tasks, but we are living lives so fast paced that it is sucking the creativity and purpose out of us. Stop for a few seconds and think about why you got into packaging, design and branding. I would assume, like many of us, it is because you love solving problems, doing things better and making beautiful, purposeful things. Can we get back to that place? I believe that we can, and what a difference it will make for your brand and customers.