It’s a question you’re going to be hearing from us a lot: What does your package say about your brand? 
We’ve centered our 2013 Packaging That Sells conference on the inquiry, and if you flip back to the cover, you’ll notice the tag line has changed to it as well.
I like English and literature; I hold my degree in it, and when you major in the subject, you have to read a bunch of different genres and movements. While some were rather depressing (cheers, absurdism), others, like mythology, were definitely enjoyable — so much so that my cat even holds the moniker of Odysseus, though that stems more from having trouble naming things than an overwhelming love for the epic poem.
One intriguing Greek legend is that of Ekho, a nymph who loved talking. As those myths typically go, Zeus flirts, Hera gets angry and Ekho is cursed, condemned never to speak on her own, fated only to repeat the words of others.
Although we’ll be repeatedly voicing the packaging question in our pages and messages, we’ll only be echoing ourselves. (Interestingly enough, the other half of Ekho’s story revolves around Narcissus). BRANDPACKAGING is dedicated to being the only magazine that brings you insight and advice on the identity packaging gives your brand.
It’s our mission to help you shine as the top suppliers, manufacturers, designers, marketers and brand owners in the trade by bringing you superior information, and in our cover story, we reflect on several bright leaders and their teams who are already making an impact on our industry.
Look at their careers, the ways they learn and what they say about packaging’s effect on branding, and then join us in congratulating this year’s Brand Innovators