ButterflyCannon has updated the branding and packaging for Oriflame Cosmetics’ Advanced hair care range, HairX NeoForce, a collection of treatments that stimulate hair growth. The HairX Advanced series is designed to represent the highest expertise and innovation in Oriflame’s haircare portfolio, which ButterflyCannon aimed to capture in its new design.

The logo builds upon the branding for Oriflame’s HairX range, also designed by ButterflyCannon. The systematic use of typography illustrates the clinical nature of the product, and the central lockup holds the key benefits: thickening and hair growth solutions for thinning hair. The active ingredient “6–Gingerol” has been accentuated on pack and given its own icon. The soft teal coloring, combined with the grey and silver give a sleek and metallic finish, which nods to luxury as well as the products’ scientific background.

Georgios Tsanos, global marketing manager at Oriflame, comments, “ButterflyCannon continues to produce beautiful designs as our relationship with its team develops. The design for HairX NeoForce is another success, clearly illustrating the high performance and expertise behind the products.”

“Our aim with the design for the HairX NeoForce range was to visually convey the benefits of the product using a confident, minimalist approach,” says Jon Davies, creative director and co-founder at ButterflyCannon.