Selectables by Placon,a leading North American plastic packaging designer and manufacturer, is a new line of sustainable food containers that have a custom packaging look with inserts that easily separate wet and dry foods for extended shelf life, the company states. Encouraging impulse sales, the containers highlight the most appealing, high-cost or delicate foods, ensuring they never are “hidden” or sink to the bottom of the package.
Selectables disposable but 100 percent recyclable plastic packaging is available in 7.5- or 9-inch clear or black stackable bases with capacities from 24 to 48 ounces. The one to three compartment, portion-sized inserts can feature everything from cut fruit and candied nuts to meats and cheeses. The recycled bowls, inserts and lids are made with EcoStar food-grade PET from curbside-collected, discarded bottles and thermoforms that Placon recycles back into Selectables disposable plastic food packaging.
Placon is really adding a way to maximize the merchandising of foods with stock packaging that has a true custom container feel to it, states Jeff Lucash, director of Stock Products. “The packaging is extremely versatile letting you pack a virtually limitless combination of foods together for high-margin, pre-packed, fresh meal solutions.”