IPL, a leading producer of injected plastic packaging for the North American market, announces a licensing agreement for an innovative packaging solution. Arta Plast AB of Sweden, the developers of 1-Seal technology, grants the North American licence to IPL.

1-Seal technology is a packaging solution that is designed to simplifiy the production process for food processors, while responding to increasing demand from consumers for an environmentally-friendly yet premium packaging solution.

1-Seal is designed to optimize production efficiency by eliminating the need for a film seal, thus removing management of film-seal inventory, waste and roll equipment. The 1-Seal lid is applied to the container, than sealed, creating an air-tight and water-tight seal around the container to maintain product freshness. 1-Seal lid is available with high-definition In-Mold Label (IML) decoration covering the entire surface of the lid for added graphics appeal.

From a consumers perspective, 1-Seal offers a tamper-evident packaging solution that is reportedly easy and safe to open due to a single operation needed to open the package, eliminating the need to remove a lid and film-seal. Its user-friendly, re-sealable closure system aims to provide a secure, airtight seal, ensuring the freshness of products both at the store and at home. Additionally, the containers are heat tolerant and microwavable. Given that the lid, IML label, and container are made from polypropylene (PP), the whole packaging solution is 100 percent recyclable for added sustainability.

“It’s rare to have a packaging solution that is beneficial to both food processors and consumers. Removing film seal equipment and management from the production line answers a concern that many food processors have today. Additionally, consumers benefit from the safety and ease of use, while being environmentally conscious,” says Joel Sergerie, Product Manager at IPL.

For additional information regarding 1-Seal, contact Sergerie at joel.sergerie@ipl-plastics.com.