Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of food packaging. As such, packaging companies are providing more options to address this.

Tetra Pak Canada received a Gold PAC Global Leadership Award from PAC, Packaging Consortium in the category of Sustainable Packaging: Raw Material, Product or Ancillary Services for its bio-based caps. The award was presented April 22 at the PAC Global Leadership Awards Gala in Mississauga, Ontario; it was accepted by Scott Thornton, managing director of Tetra Pak Canada.

“The introduction of bio-based caps mark an important milestone in Tetra Pak’s long-term vision to provide our customers with fully renewable packaging,” said Thornton. “As consumers’ attitudes and behaviors about environmental responsibility continue to evolve, it becomes even more important to give them opportunities to choose packaging that meets higher standards.”

Tetra Pak’s bio-based caps are made from high density polyethylene, or HDPE, which is derived from sugar cane, a renewable resource. With the growing challenges of natural resource scarcity, using renewable materials is critical in helping reduce strain on global resources, and helps promote more stable supply chains. Bio-based caps offer customers improved environmental performance, excellent functionality and economic value, while differentiating from the competition, Tetra Pak reports.

A wide variety of Tetra Pak’s bio-based caps are commercially available in North America, including the DreamCapTM 26, HeliCapTM 23 and more.