Anthem, a global creative agency that actively connects brands with consumers by amplifying desirability from package design to brand campaign to drive brand performance, has been honored with a Gold PAC Leadership Award for its new brand launch innovation and packaging design excellence for Rampage.

Anthem targeted brand loyals to Rampage fashion as the primary market for the new Rampage Hair Dryer; women aged 18 to 32 who reflect the Rampage brand style in their own fashion choices, and who use hair tools to empower their creativity and embrace their sensual style — women who keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest fashion trends and describe their personal style as trendy and glamorous.

“Our key objective for this project was to successfully stretch a well-known fashion brand into a totally new category, bringing a powerful style halo into what is typically a very function- and feature-driven technology space,” says AJ Schlake-Betz, managing director for Anthem’s Toronto office. “Anthem’s creative team ensured that the Rampage brand equities really came to life and resonated with consumers in a space where they weren’t used to seeing a fashion brand presence.”

Adds Schlake-Betz: “In conducting market research, it was noted that few brands successfully deliver a ‘function meets fashion’ experience. The goal with Rampage was to stand out from the clutter using bold, artistic design, unique and interactive packaging treatments and messaging that connected with consumers on an emotional — not just functional — level. Emotional connections make a brand more desirable and influences consumers to purchase and repurchase.”

“What makes Rampage packaging so innovative is that while it meets consumers’ functional needs, it also provides an elevated fashion experience that is missing from the rest of the competitive landscape,” says Helena Yoon, creative director of Anthem’s Toronto office. “Its story of fashion and glamour is told through a number of design details to collectively tell a compelling story.”

Concludes Schlake-Betz: “Desirability makes consumers feel more passionate and involved in brands — through packaging, we can inspire action and help drive brand performance.”

In addition to the PAC Leadership Awards, Anthem was recently honored for the power of its strategic packaging design to influence action at shelf — whether that “shelf” is in-store, online or at home by the GDUSA American Package Design Awards competition:

PAC Global Leadership Awards - Anthem (Toronto)
Gold: Rampage, Category: Brand Marketing, New Brand (Non-Food). Client: Jerdon
Gold: Häagen–Dazs, Category: Paperboard. Client: Nestlé Canada
Silver: Sam’s Choice Appetizers, Category: Brand Marketing, New Brand. Client: Walmart
Silver: Sam’s Choice Ice Cream, Category: Brand Marketing, New Brand. Client: Walmart
Silver: High Liner Simply Fish, Category: Flexible. Client: High Liner Foods

GDUSA American Package Design Awards - Anthem (Toronto)
Awarded Certificates of Excellence:
Rampage, Category: Beauty and Personal Care. Client: Jerdon
High Liner Simply Fish, Category: Food and Beverages. Client: High Liner Foods
SunRype Okanagan Energy, Category: Food and Beverages. Client: Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
SunRype Premium Juices, Category: Food and Beverages. Client: Sun-Rype Products Ltd.

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