PolyOne announces that its ColorMatrix Ultimate UV390 light blocking technology is now approved for use in PET packaging for food and beverage in China. This additive technology can increase shelf life of a product in a container by decreasing the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) light on the taste, odor and color of food and beverages without compromising container clarity.

Steven Chai, general manager for Asia, PolyOne ColorMatrix, says, “In today’s consumer-focused world, consistent product quality is fundamental to gaining consumer trust and brand loyalty. This technology reduces the risk for quality degradation in UV-sensitive products. It also provides an alternative to sleeve and opaque designs for containers, enabling customers to achieve aesthetic appeal with high-clarity containers that are also easy to recycle.”

Ultimate UV390 is compatible with PET materials and provides effective UV light blocking up to 395nm. It can be combined with liquid colorant to offer an all-in-one color and barrier formulation with visible light protection up to 595nm.

Chai adds, ”Our unique modeling capability helps streamline product development and increase speed to market by giving customers a clear indication of performance based on their specific application.”

Ultimate UV390 is suitable for PET food contact applications in China at levels up to 0.5%, except where foods contain more than 15% alcohol or are classed as fatty foods. It is suitable for long-term storage and hot-fill applications.