I like dabbling with oils: It was only after my first painting class at the end of my college years I realized I should have majored in 2D art instead of graphic design, for my enjoyment factor alone.

Recently, a friend was commenting on one of my pieces and saying he felt the sadness and desperation the painting was about — which is why it’s probably good I ultimately ended up focusing on my minor of English: The work was an experiment in the exact opposite emotions.

Joking aside, art’s success isn’t fully dependent on whether the viewer sees everything the creator felt. Their own interpretation is where it gets interesting for both parties. However, when it comes to packaging, brands aren’t as lucky. If a consumer doesn’t “get” the packaging, companies are out a sale, and the fate of the product may be doomed.

In Thinking from the “Outside-In”, brands, marketers and designers are encouraged to change the angle from which they approach packaging to encourage new product success. By shifting your perspective about the path to market, your product success may skyrocket.

 In other news, many of you have asked when the Design Gallery will open for submissions: I’m happy to announce you may begin entering packaging projects at submissions.brandpackaging.com now through August 31. Turn to page 34 for more information, and get in touch with me by email with any additional questions. I can’t wait to see what packages will be in the running for our trophies this year!