Amcor, a global leader in flexible and rigid plastics packaging, and Kezzler AS, a leader in serialization business services, recently announced a global partnership to offer customers a full service, advanced packaging serialization, backed by a cloud platform. The new product, MaXQ, offers brand owners unique identification codes printed on every pack. The dynamic codes can be used for digital consumer engagement, anti-counterfeiting, track and trace, and other activations.

Amcor’s leadership in packaging innovation paired with Kezzler’s proven technology platform paves the way to making every package unique and interactive, the companies report. The unique codes are generated and printed on each pack, so as to seamlessly integrate with customers’ existing packaging supply chain.

Marco Hilty, vice president marketing and R&D for Amcor Flexibles Europe and Americas says, “Our customers are looking to provide more personalized experiences for their consumers. And increasingly, our customers must take action against the counterfeiting of their products. We are extremely pleased to partner with Kezzler in giving each pack a unique digital identity, to address these needs.”

MaXQ allows brand owners to print a unique, serialized code on each pack that can be read with a smart phone, or sent via SMS. Brand owners and consumers can instantly verify whether a product is authentic or a fake. The codes can also be used for a range of consumer engagement activities; such as contests, instant rewards, loyalty programs and customer feedback. Brand owners are unlimited and interactions can be tailored to the consumer. The information generated as consumers interact with the codes provides brand owners with valuable market insights.

Kezzler CEO and founder, Magnar Loeken says, “Partnering with one of the most respected packaging companies in the world is a testament to the technologies and services we have developed for many years. We believe MaXQ will eliminate the complexity of serialization services. Amcor and Kezzler provide a seamlessly integrated service that covers printing and IT operations, so brand owners can fully concentrate on their brands and their consumers instead of on logistics.”

MaXQ codes, which can be expressed as QR, alphanumeric, or bar codes, are generated by Kezzler at over 1 billion per minute and printed by Amcor at industrial speed. The dynamic codes are activated by brand owners and can be managed using Kezzler’s proven technology platform.

MaXQ is designed to provide a unique solution to FMCG brand owners different from standard QR codes, Amcor reports. “Standard QR codes on packaging are static and provide very little dynamic content. The same code is printed on millions of packs and will in most cases just take the consumer to a static webpage,” says Marco Hilty. “MaXQ codes make each pack unique and offer the consumer relevant applications and real value that can be collected and experienced with each pack scanned. MaXQ makes every user’s experience personalized, motivating the consumer to continuously interact with the brand.”

MaXQ is available across Amcor’s portfolio of flexible and rigid plastic packaging for the food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care and tobacco industries.