Ampac, a world leader in creative packaging solutions, has won two Alufoil awards and three AmeriStar awards for several of its product innovations.

The Alufoil Trophy, sponsored by the European Aluminum Foil Association, is a global award competition open to companies that make products “which are either made from aluminum foil or contain aluminum foil as part of a laminate, structure or packaging system…”. Only 12 entries were chosen to receive the Alufoil Trophy within six different categories.

Ampac won in the Consumer Convenience category for the marinade pouch JANS Bio Marinade, a single serve three-sided sealed pouch with a special zipper solution. The pouch is used to pre-marinate meat prior to cooking. The unique design comes prefilled with marinade and is designed for the consumer to add protein and marinate right in the pouch prior to cooking, different than other marinades in the market that require a bowl or pan for marinating. The JANS Bio Marinade is an innovative package designed for convenience, the company reports.

The second Alufoil Trophy win for Ampac was in the Marketing + Design category for the Ampac Pull Tab T-Shirt Pouch, an alternative format to the traditional straw “punch through” beverage pouch. Cited for its unique shape and its appeal to sports teams, the pouch is also unique in the market combining innovative packaging with technology to enhance the consumers experience while providing diversification and niche marketing opportunities for the packaging filler. According to Ampac, the pouch provides an innovative, clean, easy-open solution for drink pouches.

Ampac’s presence in the AmeriStar Awards, sponsored by the Institute of Packaging Professionals, was evident with three category wins for E-Z SnackPak by Ampac in the Shelf Stable food category, Oh Snap! Pickles in the Refrigerated Food category and Microdermis Provodine in the Drug and Pharmaceutical category.
E-Z SnackPak by Ampac is a new packaging format for the single-serve snack food market. The tetrahedron shaped pouch transforms into a serving tray upon opening — providing a unique consumer experience. E-Z SnackPak provides dual functionality, first as an innovative package, and second as a serving dish by uniquely converting into a tray after opening. The pouch also uses up to 25 percent less packaging than comparable VFFS pouches, states the company.

The Oh Snap! shaped stand up pouch for GLK Foods’ line of brineless pickles is a first of its kind. With an hourglass shape providing differentiation and portability, it’s easy to grab the shaped indented middle of the pouch. A registered matte varnish is used to highlight the bold, bright graphics. The tinted window not only allows the consumer to see the product, but also triggers a sense of the flavor the pickle has to offer. 

Ampac’s third win for the AmeriStar Awards is the Microdermis Corporation’s Provodine package, the next-generation professional antiseptic that meets or exceeds FDA requirements for use as a Surgical Scrub, Pre-Operative Skin Preparation, Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash and First Aid Antiseptic. In order to support Microdermis’ vision for a portable flexible single dose packaging format for Provodine, Ampac designed and developed a seven-layer highly chemical resistant, hard-to-hold, high barrier laminate with built-in directional tear properties for ease of opening the package and dispensing of the product. It is currently being used in mobile field hospitals in the remote jungle villages in Liberia, West Africa to help fight Ebola.

Ampac’s Vice President of Marketing, Dave Bartish, says, “The partnership with our customers is an important part of what we do every day. The collaboration of innovation coupled with the “Ampac Advantage” we provide yields award winning results. And that is what helps Ampac to live out our purpose — to advance our customers brand and value globally. We are excited for the award wins and will continue to produce innovative, quality products for our customers.”