When Alaska Crystal Glacier decided to extend its line of premium water to include a plastic bottle, the brand faced a tough challenge: how to make the PET version look like its etched glass counterpart that houses an LED light, targeted for upscale distribution. To supply grocery and convenience stores with a less expensive, 20oz PET bottle that would mimic the glass version, Alaska Crystal Glacier searched for a frosted-look bottle. The brand contacted global color company Ampacet, which recommended its line of Frost additives to provide a one-step, molded-in frosted effect, replacing the need for a secondary process of spraying or etching the mold. For just a fraction of the cost of the spray treatment, the Frost additive gives the bottle a high-end appearance. The effect can be varied from translucent to opaque, with finishes from high luster to matte. A non-yellowing, FDA-approved UVA additive, Crystal Clear, further protects the integrity of the water. The PET bottles will be available with and without the LED light, which attaches to the bottom of the bottle and is detachable and recyclable. Alaska Crystal Glacier expects that the lighted PET bottles will be particularly popular at concerts, outdoor events and parties. www.ampacet.com