Cleveland-based company Tap Packaging Solutions is winning attention in the folding carton world for its package designs driven by its package design team and its new partnership with technology by HP.
The 110-year-old, employee-owned company is honored to announce it recently received awards from the Paperboard Packaging Council’s 2015 North American Paperboard Packaging Competition, the PAC Global Leadership Awards, GPA (Gummed Papers of America) Paper, and the 2016 Print Excellence Awards by PIANKO (Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky).
Tap received the following awards for folding cartons designed for national and international brands:
  • One Excellence Award from the Paperboard Packaging Council: Lucas Bols Galliano Tiki Package for Lucas Bols (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • One Gold Award from PAC Global Leadership: Rec Rays Sunglasses Box for Rec Rays (Ohio)
  • One Digital Paper Category Award from GPA Paper: Rec Rays Sunglasses Box for Rec Rays (Ohio)
  • One Gold Award from PIANKO: Tortuga 6oz Rum Turtle Carton for Tortuga Imports (Florida)
  • Two Silver Awards from PIANKO: SureSport Compression Sleeves for BraceMart (Ohio), and Brix Bites 3oz Target Box for Brix Chocolates (Ohio)
  • One Bronze Award from PIANKO: Papabubble 4 Jar Carton for Papabubble New York (New York)
Several of the award-winning packages were printed using Tap’s HP Indigo 30000, the very first digital printing press designed for folding cartons. Tap is one of the first in the world to offer customers test marketing, personalization and innovation using the HP Indigo 30000.
“We are proud to be accepting these awards and we are grateful for our strong relationship with HP,” said J. Anthony Hyland, President and CEO at Tap. “Digital printing is leading the folding carton industry into the future.”