Cheese spread is an important product for the Norwegian food manufacturer Kavli. The company’s founder, Olav Kavli, put his first cheese spread on the market in 1924. The product was an immediate global success. Since 2013, Kavli has been working together with Verstraete IML and RPC Superfos to create a Barrier IML packaging. And they hit the bullseye because this packaging stands out on the shelf and extends the shelf life of this world famous cheese spread.
Packaging with three objectives
Some time ago, Kavli opted to redesign the packaging for its popular cheese spread. The brand’s three objectives? Seduce the consumer using attractive packaging. Extend the shelf life of the famous cheese spread to nine months. Create a lid that fits on three different product formats.
Barrier IML for extended shelf life
Jan Van Iseghem, Regional Sales Manager Europe, Verstraete IML: “IML packaging can be manufactured and decorated in one fell swoop. This significantly reduces production costs: stocking blank packaging is superfluous and storage and transport costs become a thing of the past. This consumes less energy and emits less CO2. Kavli is opting for the Barrier IML’s plastic packaging that acts as a barrier; in other words, packaging that forms a barrier between the contents in the packaging and the external elements that could affect these contents.”
Extended shelf life without preservatives
Jan Van Iseghem: “Verstraete IML combines incredibly high quality IML look & feel options with the barrier properties of a multi-layered IML film. Barrier IML not only extends the shelf life of the food product; the ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) layer in the IML label also helps maintain the flavour and aroma. It makes preservatives unnecessary as well. Verstraete IML has two types of IML labels: oxygen barrier IML labels and light barrier IML labels. Kavli opted for the thin wall, oval, oxygen barrier IML packaging and provided the design for the packaging itself.”
Long-term partnership with Verstraete IML
For this project, Kavli works together with injection moulder RPC Superfos and IML label manufacturer Verstraete IML. RPC Superfos designs, develops and manufactures innovative plastic packaging solutions. Moreover, it is Europe’s largest manufacturer of plastic packaging using injection moulding techniques and is part of the listed packaging group, RPC Group PLC. Josef Björck, site manager, RPC Superfos Nordic: “RPC Superfos has had a long and successful working relationship with Verstraete IML. The quality of the IML labels is excellent, which guarantees easy processability. Verstraete IML’s technical expertise and specialisation in ‘in-mould labelling’ always guarantees the best quality. Moreover, Verstraete IML is constantly innovating in terms of materials and technology.”