Metsä Board’s creative design for the Victorinox Rescue Tool has won 2nd place in the Dieline Awards for the Games, Toys, Sports and recreational category. The unique and innovative packaging creates a new opening experience for the consumer, simulating Victorinox’s knife opening mechanism. The packaging will be on display at the upcoming HOW Design Live conference in Atlanta from May 18th - 23rd.
Metsä Board was approached by Victorinox China to redesign the packaging for its Rescue Tool – a multi-purpose knife for safety and rescue professionals. Metsä Board’s designers looked at ways to create maximum visual impact, and gave significant consideration to both structural and visual design. The chosen material was Metsä Board’s fully coated folding boxboard, Carta Elega, which provided a smooth luxurious feel, whilst allowing the use of a lighter board weight.
The packaging has a clean, precise appearance, sharply-defined edges and no overlapping corner folds to help set it apart from a traditional rigid box. Replaceable side panels can be separately updated and printed with specific marketing promotional messages reflecting individual local market requirements.
Mark Beamesderfer, Technical Marketing and Services Director for Metsä Board Americas was managing the team in Shanghai with Cyril Drouet, Design and Innovation Director, during the Victorinox design process. “It is a privilege working with such an iconic brand such as Victorinox.
They have been excellent partners throughout the entire design process, and were very receptive to our creative ideas and sustainable, light-weight paperboard materials. We are all very pleased that our cooperation has resulted in a package that has been very well received by consumers as well as recognized by the packaging community,” says Beamesderfer. Since the Victorinox project, Beamesderfer has relocated to the United States and is responsible for Packaging Services in the Americas as part of his new role.
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