BRANDPACKAGING says: Package designs for new products carry an especially heavy responsibility. Brands need to not only catch customers' eyes but also explain the new offering in seconds. Dragon Rouge's packaging for a new Greek yogurt mousse hits the right marks: a "new" violator  attracts without interfering with the rest of the design; the number of individual packages inside the secondary structure is clearly marked; and the product's split fruit and yogurt properties are reflected in the "O" of the brand name. Read on for the original story.

The newest divine indulgence from Oykos: Whip’n’Mix is a, light, fluffy mousse made from whipped Greek style yogurt paired with a rich, fruity compote in eye-catching packaging designed by Dragon Rouge.

Having created the original Oykos design in 2013, the new design builds on the distinctive dark blue color and typographic logo style of Oykos but introduces a cloud motif to reflect the deliciously light mousse texture while the Whip’n’Mix script and succulent fruit images add color and deliciousness.

In three delicious fruity flavors, Strawberry, Blueberry and Cherry, Oykos Whip‘n’Mix is the perfect indulgent treat to enjoy when you have a little moment to yourself.

Steve Irvine, creative director at Dragon Rouge says: “It’s great to have the chance to extend a brand we’ve helped to create, so when Danone invited us to create the design for their new Oykos sub brand, a whipped Greek-style yogurt with a side portion of luscious fruit, it was the perfect opportunity to take the essence of Oykos and build on it in the new graphics. The new design retains original Oykos features, like the reference to the tempting whipped texture and fruit in the ‘O,' but better promotes this light, airy, fruity moment of indulgence.”

Cynthia Finke at Danone, explains: “We’re incredibly excited to be delivering a brand new texture experience in the form of Oykos Whip‘n’Mix, to add to our classic and Oh So Heavenly ranges, in a delicious design created by Dragon Rouge.”