BRANDPACKAGING says: TCHO (pronounced "choh!") was co-founded in 2005 by Timothy Childs, a NASA space shuttle contractor, and Karl Bittong, a 40-year chocolate industry veteran. In 2007, Wired co-founder Louis Rossetto joined TCHO as the CEO, and in 2009, Jane Metcalfe, Wired’s other co-founder, joined as President. The leadership—obsessed with delightful experiences, legendary service and relentless improvement—has made a distinct voice for its brand and wants that to come across to the customer through packaging. Need some help on funneling your passion into a brand identity? See how another company has crafted its branding and packaging from start to finish. Read on for the original story.


TCHO Chocolate has a bold new look for its Pairings line, thanks to global brand design consultancy bluemarlin. The makeover combines TCHO’s disruptive fun with chocolate’s heritage as ancient Mayan and Aztec currency, appealing to coolly confident consumers who aspire to stand out from the crowd. Rich coloring expresses the high quality of ingredients across the Pairings line—from mint chip gelato to extra dark 81% cacao—while subtle patterns on the foil evoke the intricate patterns found on currency around the world. The Berkeley, Calif.-based maker of premium chocolates is renowned for its work with cacao farmers and cooperatives, in particular providing the tools and training needed to produce the highest quality beans.

“TCHO Chocolate is a brand willing to make a bold and beautiful statement with design,” says Anthea Kelsick, strategy director at bluemarlin New York. “This redesign strengthens the brand portfolio by creating a new set of photography and design guidelines that improve consumer understanding while continuing to visually express the TCHO Chocolate’s story.”