Entrepreneur.com has run an article discussing a gluten tester brand’s name change. Which is more appealing to you? 6SensorLabs or Nima? 

The answer is obvious: The new name for the gluten tester even sounds like the noise Nima would make if it could talk, though the brand owners chose it because of its meaning in Persian. 

So, “When Is It a Good Idea to Change Your Company's Name?” Read the story to determine if your brand could benefit from strategically switching.

We also have some brand and product naming help in our archived article “What’s in a Name” including:

  1. Sound it out. Make sure the name is easy to pronounce. If they can’t pronounce it, they won’t buy it!
  2. Research. Avoid potential infringement issues by conducting a trademark search to examine potential current and prior use of your name.
  3. Repeat step two. There is no such thing as “too much research.” Check the name, then check it again and again! Don’t forget there are names registered in local areas, such as state registers, that may not show up on the federal register.
  4. Stay true. Don’t always choose the name that comes out on top in focus panels. Remember that your name must communicate your product or brand’s image.
  5. Skip the small type. Remember to put your brand’s name in legible type. Don’t get so fancy that consumers are not sure what the first letter is, or worse yet, what name they are trying to decipher! Hesitation at the point of purchase translates to lower overall sales in the end.