Wish-Bone has introduced two new dressing lines that offer consumers premium ingredients and flavor combinations: EVOO and Ristorante Italiano. The products bring Wish-Bone into the consideration set of a whole new demographic—one asking for fresh, healthy and authentic items. Strategic brand design firm Little Big Brands created the designs, which match the products’ on-trend ingredients and hand-crafted positioning. In designing the identity and packaging for the chef-inspired dressing line EVOO, the intent was less is more. A smaller-sized die-cut label showcases the extra virgin olive oil and ingredients. White suggests purity, and custom typography communicates the time and care that went into crafting the product. Ingredient illustrations add taste appeal while helping with shopability. The second new line, Ristorante Italiano, uses typography, color and imagery cues to help consumers understand the indulgent cheeses and rich, creamy flavor sensations inside the packs.  www.littlebigbrands.com