TricorBraun, a leading developer of packaging, has won five awards from Graphic Design USA sponsored by Neenah Paper. Three packages designed by TricorBraun won American Package Design Awards: Eat Right Foods’ P28 peanut butter jar, Oxy Bump nasal spray and Arta Tequila LLC tequila. TricorBraun designs for two other packages, All-Nutrient Hair Care Line from Chuckles and Old Limestone‘s Old Limestone Mixing Water, won American In-House Design Awards.

“Design is a critical part of what we offer to customers,” said TricorBraun CEO Keith Strope in announcing the awards. “Recognition of that skill by winning in leading design competitions is especially gratifying.”

P28 peanut butter packaging won in the Food & Beverage category. TricorBraun revitalized the product by designing a distinctive squared package with creative label designs to replace a standard round jar package.

Oxy Bump, a nasal spray that uses an infusion of essential plant minerals and oxygenated saline to fight bacteria and allergens while moisturizing nasal tissues, is packaged in a water drop-shaped plastic squeeze bottle, molded in different colors indicating its different applications, for colds, sore throat, etc. 

The design of the Arta Tequila bottle is a reworking of an earlier Arta three-sided glass bottle with both structural and graphic changes that required significant engineering and design efforts. The triangular design, with sharp corners and large flat surfaces offered multiple opportunities for bottle failure during blowing. This was further exacerbated by embossed and debossed triangular designs that produced more sharp corners. The result of TricorBraun’s expert work is a dramatic, eye-catching bottle.

In the In-House Design competition, TricorBraun’s redesign for the relaunch of the All Nutrient Hair Care line from Chuckles projected a natural image. Bottles featured narrow waists and flaring shoulders and a color palette highlighting the products’ natural contents. The curving bottle shapes were echoed in the profiles of flip-top closures. The natural image is continued in the HDPE bottles and PETE jars, which are almost completely recyclable.

The second In-House winner, Old Limestone mixing water, is famous as the ideal water to add to Kentucky bourbon whiskey. TricorBraun helped the brand owner restage the water in a new glass bottle and designed a larger label featuring a Kentucky horse as a distinctive branding element.