Award-winning design firm, WFM Design proudly added three more Graphic Design USA American Package Design Awards to their list of accolades. The agency is proud of its history of creating high-profile, praise-worthy packaging, and says this announcement came as no surprise to WFM’s team of exceptionally talented designers who re-imagine brands and reinvent packaging every day. The winning submissions included work for three different clients: Fresh Solutions Network, LLC, Wolfgang Candy Company and Pine Valley Foods.
Partnering again with WFM, Fresh Solutions Network, LLC developed a unique, customizable dining experience for consumers by combining their Side Delights potatoes with trendy Montana Mex spices. The marriage of the two brands provided an interesting design challenge. This branding mash-up relies on strong
typographic elements to make a bold statement. A rustic Roastables logo treatment was created to work with the Side Delights branding and playful product names like “Awesome Little Yellows” were developed to appear in textural typography along side simple, graphic representations of potatoes and cooking devices. The
Montana Mex logo is clearly represented next to flavor signifiers that indicate which seasonings are included in each package. A limited, yet vibrant, color palette was also used. Side Delights Roastables is a clever product that combines elements of convenience, customizability, and lifestyle, while successfully uniting the brand
language of the two parent lines.
Another award-worthy design, Wolfgang’s Greek Style Yogurt Treats, was carefully crafted by the team at WFM and capitalizes on the growing Greek yogurt trend in the dairy case. These tasty medallions, unlike their refrigerated counterparts, provide a tangy, sweet treat at any temperature and include real fruit. The design
features a classic Greek key pattern and is a blend of vibrant colors and mouth-watering fruits on a creamy white backdrop. Unique, as well as classic, yogurt flavor profiles along with WFM’s fresh approach, provide ample enticement for adventurous consumers in the candy aisle, making this a win for both Wolfgang and
Crazy About Cookies, created for Pine Valley Foods by WFM, is the third design to receive recognition. This packaging for a well known provider of fundraising ideas and solutions represents Pine Valley Foods’ first foray into the retail space. Utilizing a resealable stand up pouch, Crazy About Cookies’ scoop and bake product
offers consumers convenience and freshness between servings, which is an innovative idea in the refrigerated cookie dough category. The design features “bake yourself silly” kids from around the country who represent the wide appeal of the product. Bright, exciting colors, zigzag patterns and a zany cookie character all add to the fun of this memorable design. In addition, Pine Valley Foods remains true to their commitment of giving back to the community even in this retail setting by promising a portion of proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It’s a worthy design for a worthwhile cause.