Loftware, Inc., the global leader in enterprise labeling solutions today announced its 30th year of pioneering the development of enterprise labeling solutions across its customers’ global supply chains. Since its founding back in 1986, Loftware has been helping companies meet a wide range of supply chain labeling challenges. The company has seen steady growth, doubling its workforce over the past five years and growing its customer base to more than 5,000 companies in over 100 countries worldwide today. 
Loftware’s growth comes from working closely with its customers to meet the complex challenges of today’s global supply chain, including managing increasing variability in labeling requirements and to address evolving regulatory demands. Today, powering over hundreds of thousands of label printers across tens of thousands of company sites across the globe, Loftware has continued to grow at a rapid pace, strategically expanding its presence across many leading industries while introducing new barcode labeling solutions and services to meet customer needs.
“Loftware’s success over the years is a testament to our talented and dedicated employees. It’s also due to our ability to recognize customer and market demands along with the capacity to quickly develop solutions to meet those needs,” stated Loftware President & CEO, Robert O’Connor. “From our modest beginnings in a “loft” in Maine right up to this day, our focus on innovation, leadership and commitment to customers remains as relentless as ever and we look forward to continuing to provide our customers the very best in labeling solutions and services for many years to come,” he added. 
Our founder, Andy Anderson debuted the first PC-based graphic barcode label designer in 1986. The next year the company commercialized the first WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) barcode label design software and introduced the first stand-alone on-demand print and database solution before incorporating in 1988. Following these advancements, Loftware went on to provide the first certified integration capabilities with Oracle and also offered integration capabilities for SAP. Continuing to innovate, Loftware later announced the first 100% browser-based label printing solution, which offers access to an entire labeling solution across the Internet.  Loftware also prides itself on being the first labeling solutions company to offer comprehensive onsite system consulting, integration, product support and maintenance programs to customers globally.