The results are in and TricorBraun's consumer research focus groups reveal moms' perceptions of foam dispensing technology as quick to lather, clean, convenient, effective, fun and above all, kid-friendly. Additionally, moms participating convey their top three purchase drivers for foam dispensing with children. Package stability via a wider base, a wide finger pad and a locking mechanism are among the most desirable functional drivers of working and stay-at-home mothers, ages between 30 and 50 with at least one child, three years old or younger in the household.
One participant mom states, "The kids get the foam in their bathroom because it's easier for them. It doesn't stick to them. I feel like it will rinse clean." Another mom explains, "As far as for babies, I prefer a foam for the baby, just because sometimes you only have one hand. You're holding onto the baby with one hand. I need something that I can pump real easily, whether it be this one or this one." Also mentioned was how important the lock was because babies will get a hold of the bottle and try to put it into their mouths.
The popularity and perceived benefits of foam dispensing are viewed as highly transferable from one category to another category as is the case when you look at hand soap, baby wash, pet soap and facial cleansers. Given all of the dynamics of personal care, consumers have continued to embrace technology like foam dispensing which further drives innovation in packaging. While packaging preferences for traditional non-foaming, foaming and squeeze foam dispensers were looked at with a number of different types of personal care products, foamers for use with baby and children was clearly a favorite. 
According to Senior VP of Design and Engineering at TricorBraun, Becky Donner, "It's no longer enough to just be noticed on the shelf; the functionality of the product must be well thought out and designed to create the best experience possible." When using foam dispensing with babies, moms' perception is: it's more fun, easy-to-use, rinses off quickly, no mess or drip, less likely to get into babies' eyes, one-handed use and visually appealing. 
Why do this type of qualitative research? This is the type of consumer insight that is leveraged when TricorBraun partners with brand owners to develop custom packaging solutions. Today's sophisticated consumer wants the benefit of consistently achieving the most positive engagement possible. Why research foam? In addition to the benefits of foam dispensing many personal care categories; it is also sustainable. It requires less water, it's propellant-free and requires less formula therefore allowing for reduced packaging and supply chain optimization.
The results of this consumer research are the first in a series of TricorBraun consumer research focus groups that are planned for 2016. Insights are gathered directly from consumers during these focus group sessions about what they prefer and how they interact and use packaging in the real world. This insight not only allows our packaging consultants to better position foam against other available packaging solutions but it also provides a foundation for the functionality and aesthetics that are necessary to win in the marketplace. 
This research also allows TricorBraun to identify future design opportunities in one category and crossover use in other categories. Donner explains, "We leverage insights gathered to better understand the gaps between actual and desired functionality and aesthetics. Packaging performance plus appeal ultimately drives the best possible consumer experience."