Foxboro Brewing Co. is introducing a line of innovative craft beer concentrates packaged in a Snapsil easy-open portion pack. Recently introduced to consumers, Foxboro Western Spirited Brew Concentrate is an American Lager and other varieties will be available in 50ml Snapsil packs, either individually or in a four-pack box. The proprietary brewing process uses the same natural brewing ingredients as regular beers and ales without heat reduction to preserve the full-flavor profile. Combining the brew concentrate with ten ounces of carbonated water produces a ready-to-drink 12-oz. beverage.

Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.) is providing contract packaging services. T.H.E.M. introduced Foxboro to Snapsil’s dispensing designs, which enable controlled product release for unit-dose and single-serve consumer products. Snapsil semi-rigid containers feature a patented, audible “snap-opening” function that allows consumers to easily open the package and dispense the contents with one hand. The snap-opening function does not require perforation, providing uncompromised barrier properties for contents.

“It didn’t make sense to put our Foxboro Spirited Brews in a typical, everyday package,” says Charn Rai, Foxboro co-founder and COO. “Our beer concentrate is a unique, disruptive product, so we wanted the packaging to be just as different and special. Just as important, it had to be user friendly.”  •  •