Greiner Packaging Corp., one of the leaders in innovative packaging solutions, announced this week it has begun offering a third, brand new technology to the U.S. market, Dry Offset ultra brilliance. 
While Dry Offset printing is an environmentally friendly, efficient and high quality technology that ranks among the most popular decoration technologies for plastic packaging worldwide, Greiner Packaging’s Dry Offset ultra brilliance improves the printing quality of dry offset to achieve unparalleled quality and depth. Due to a superior printing cliché preparation process, Greiner Packaging Corp. can now achieve a higher resolution and an improved color gradient—resulting in a finished product that is unparalleled in the industry. 
“We are excited to offer Dry Offset ultra brilliance printing technologies to our customers in the United States, said Michael Reiser, president of Greiner Packaging US. “The Dry Offset ultra brilliance printing technology utilized by Greiner Packaging offers a highly resistant, efficient and sustainable product with an extensive range of decorative, brilliant and consistent artwork. This high quality printing technique allows us to help our customers distinguish themselves among their competition in the marketplace.”
Through the Dry Offset ultra brilliance technology, Greiner Packaging customers will see a significantly higher compliance rate with their artwork compared to the traditional dry offset technique. Up to to 8 inking units may be used, depending on the project’s requirements. Additional benefits include a higher resolution and improved color gradient leading to images that are almost photorealistic thanks to a superior printing cliché preparation process as well as the availability of white printed backgrounds on transparent cups and gloss varnishes. Lastly, with the high demand for sustainable practices in the United States, Dry Offset ultra brilliance printing reduces the amount of chemicals needed in the decoration process and is more environmentally friendly when compared to other printing technologies. 
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