Bemis Company Inc. recently launched Calypso™, a new innovation platform for improved foil lidding. Bemis® Calypso lidding is a universal structure that solves a number of consumer and manufacturer issues related to traditional die-cut foil lidding.

Consumer frustration caused by lids that tear, puncture and cut, puts brands at risk. Calypso lidding helps consumers get to the good stuff inside faster and easier:

  • The new lidding peels easily in a single piece. The no-tear, no-shred solution has more than two times the tear strength of traditional foil lidding.
  • Calypso lidding helps to prevent punctures that occur in retail and home environments. By keeping products safe, damage and waste are reduced. Calypso lidding has more than 50% greater puncture strength compared to traditional foil lidding.
  • It is also softer and safer, with edges that won’t cut, reducing consumer complaints and improving the safety of manufacturing workers.

While using significantly less foil than a traditional die-cut lid, this multilayered structure drastically improves performance without compromising quality or increasing costs. Sustainability improvements include lowering CO2 by 35% and energy by 10% when compared to traditional foil lidding.

Calypso foil lidding is a solution for many applications currently using heavy gauge foil lidding, including yogurt and additional cultured dairy products, as well as other food, nonfood and medical products. Its universal structure can adhere to most cupstock, run on existing equipment and maintain line speeds.