The private butcher Reinert together with B+P Creality helps flexitarians to raise their children healthy. Reinert produces delicious vegetarian replacement products for children and B+P Creality creates the packaging, which helps flexitarian parents to recognize these products on the market shelves.

This year the most famous Reinert product line “Bärchen” (“little bear”) was expanded into the field of the vegetarian cuisine. Among other products Reinert brought new tofu-schnitzel and nuggets to the German market. The main goal thereby was the integration of new products into the existing “Bärchen” product line. But not less important was their positioning as vegetarian and healthy dishes for the whole family. With these tasks Reinert came to the branding and packaging agency B+P Creality.

During the market research campaign B+P Creality found that the new Reinert products suit the requirements of one particular group most of all. This special target group were flexitarians. In comparison with vegetarians, who deny meat completely, flexitarians only limit themselves in eating meat products. For this purpose, they need so-called “replacement products” that look and taste like meat, but consist of other ingredients. The “replacement products” topic is especially relevant for children’s food. Here two reciprocal interests meet, namely, the wish of the child for a delicious meal and the wish of the parents for healthy food for their children. Reinert’s vegetarian schnitzel and nuggets are perfect to fulfil both wishes. Therefore, Reinert needed a special packaging that could help the products reach the desirable target group.

B+P Creality created for Reinert a packaging system consisting of a tray and a sleeve. The green tray is covered with foil, where the half is printed with a picture of the sky. The other half of the foil is transparent, so that customers can see the product through the window in the sleeve. The carton sleeve forms a bear figure in the foreground and is refined with gloss varnish. The sleeve, made from the natural material, presents the products as natural, healthy and vegetarian. The inner side of the sleeve is printed with a colouring picture. So the sleeve is not just a part of packaging, but also a nice gift for the children of the customers.

Dirk Rose, director, design strategy at B+P Creality dazu: "The special feature of the new packaging for Reinert is the tray that is the same for both “Bärchen” products. This was a cost problem, which we needed to solve with our packaging. Although nine nuggets and two schnitzels need a different amount of space, B+P Creality has succeeded in finding a perfect tray size and shape, so that both products fit equally well."