FIJI® Water, a premium imported bottled water brand, rolls out a new, fresh look for FIJI Water bottles with a slim, sleek bottle design. With this new design, FIJI Water’s 330ml, 500ml and 700ml SKUs will now fit effortlessly everywhere. This includes the primary consumption occasion for bottled water, in the car, as well as fitness equipment, gym bags and beyond. The 1 liter FIJI Water bottle, found in-store or in fine dining establishments, will also receive the new fresh look.

“We received such positive feedback when we released the new look of our 700ml FIJI Water bottle last year that we decided to extend that design across our portfolio,” says Clarence Chia, vice president of marketing, FIJI Water. “Convenience is of the utmost importance for consumers and we want to make it as easy as possible for our brand to be a part of everyone’s daily lives.”  

The new look will roll out starting this month, beginning with the brand’s popular 500ml size. The remainder of the portfolio will receive the same makeover throughout the first quarter of 2017. All updated FIJI Water bottles will retain the iconic square shape, soft, smooth taste and naturally occurring electrolytes that consumers have come to know and love.  The convenient shape of the 500ml and 700ml specifically makes it the perfect choice for a vigorous spinning class, personal training session, daily commute or travel.

FIJI Water is bottled at the source in Fiji at an ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth, where it is protected from external impurities. As tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock, it gathers the electrolytes and minerals that give FIJI Water its signature soft, smooth taste.