When it comes to trends in packaging design, respondents put forward a host of suggestions. Sustainability and the use of recycled materials in packaging emerges as the most-mentioned trend in packaging design, with more than half of the respondents citing it as a leading trend. Over 40 percent of study participants say their companies will increase their investments in sustainable and recyclable packaging during 2017.

While many see sustainability as de rigueur in today’s packaging world, it is obvious that others are still seeking ways to create socially responsible packaging that incorporates recyclable or biodegradable materials.

“The sustainability movement has required better-sourced raw materials that can align with the brand,” writes one respondent. “If consumers are environmentally conscious, then you can bet they are looking for brands that are, too.”

Developing more efficient logistics throughout the product lifecycle and using renewable and recyclable resources for the packaging are the leading sustainability initiatives among companies included in the survey. However, many also are looking at actions such as using minimal materials, reusable packaging, improving energy efficiency in production and reducing use of potentially toxic materials.