Wicked Joe Organic Coffees has rolled out new packaging after more than 12 years in business.  

The Wicked Joe product line—available at retail stores all over New England and in more than 1,500 grocery retailers nationwide—previously featured a black bag with a red and green coffee cup logo.

Wicked Joe now sports a cleaner, more modern look, including black and chrome brand elements and an array of accent colors indicating the individual blend, flavor or bean’s origin. Owners Bob and Carmen Garver wanted a design that would more accurately reflect the roaster’s progress and focus on quality and professionalism.

The colorful, lively nature of the new bags aims to stand out on retail shelves among dozens of competitors. From the beginning, the company has had a razor-sharp focus on quality, in addition to a commitment to community, farmers and the cooperative partners at the coffee plantations.  www.wickedjoe.com