After six long years of waiting, Wacky Wafers are back in their original packaging, flavors and size! Consumers' years of begging, pleading and offering bribes have finally paid off. As with all LEAF's products, the company wanted to make sure Wacky Wafers were just like consumers remembered them; the big silver dollar-sized wafers, that invigorating smell of watermelon, orange, green apple, strawberry and banana and that perfect "crack" sound as you break them in your mouth.

LEAF Brands officially released the nostalgic candy today in Chicago, at the 2017 Sweet and Snacks Expo and said Wacky Wafers® will be shipping in July. "We spent many years rolling the product back to its original design after many failed versions by its previous owner," said Leaf Brands CEO Ellia Kassoff. "Like many products made by large companies over time, tweaks are made, which in some cases disenfranchise core customers. In fact, over time the once silver-dollar wafer had been gradually reduced to a small vitamin-sized candy so loyal customers ended-up with something they didn't like or remember. Our final design will be just like the original five silver-dollar sized wafers, with the 5 original flavors as well; Watermelon, Green Apple, Orange Strawberry and Banana."

Over the past five years, LEAF received hundreds of emails each month requesting Wacky Wafers. Bringing a product back to market in its original form can be an extremely difficult process. In the case of Wacky Wafers, Leaf had to totally reverse-engineer the whole product and develop a sampling program using a focus group of fans of the once-popular candy. "We are glad it's finally done so we can make our customer happy again. Even that "cracking sound you hear when you break the wafer in two had to be perfect and that took some time to perfect," said Garvey Daniels, LEAF's VP of Sales.