The Sir Kensington’s line of ketchup, mustard and mayo condiments has entered the market with shelf-differentiating custom bottles, produced by Pretium Packaging.

“Starting out without a marketing budget and no pedigree in the food space, we knew that the package would have to work hard for us in order for the product to get attention,” explains Scott Norton, cofounder of Sir Kensington’s. “Our goal was a package that had more of an organic shape.  We wanted it to feel as if it came from nature.”

Having previously launched the condiment line in glass, and then high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the company decided to move away from the HDPE bottle and into a clear, inverted 20-ounce polyethylene terephthalate (PET) barrier container that stands on its closure. The goal was to create a container that would provide shelf-life attributes with “squeezability” and enhanced shelf presence. The company wanted a proprietary bottle with softer, sleeker geometries as opposed to sharper angles. It needed to be shaped so that a 20-ounce size would easily fit into hands of various sizes.  Finally, it needed to be wide enough so that the brand’s label could provide excellent shelf billboarding.