The unboxing experience is often overlooked but essential in eCommerce customer satisfaction. 

What's in the Box

Design the box exterior: Including design on the exterior is a great way to stand out and impress your customer.

Use branded packing tape: This gives you the opportunity for your package to stand out and control how easy it is for customers to open the box.

Decorate the interior: Having a printed or decorative interior is an unexpected surprise but reinforces your brand’s attention to detail.

Filler & Packing Material

Branded tissue paper: This can add a lot of brand awareness and position your product to be perceived as premium.

Consider crinkle paper: This can be a fun aesthetic surprise for the unboxing experience and you can use your brand’s colors.

Try excelsior packing material: Depending on your product alternative cushioning can work well with your branding.

Product Presentation

Highlight the main product: Once opened, your packaging should display the product prominently.
Hide the excess: Organize any accessories and documentation simplistically underneath.

Going Above & Beyond

Offer a free trial: Samples were found to boost sales by 600%.
Include a return label: 92% of customers will repeat purchase if the return policy is easy.
Promote social sharing: Suggest sharing on social media and possibly inspire unboxing video creation.

Importance of Inserts

Add a personalized note: 80% of people appreciate receiving thank you notes, and 72% prefer physical notes versus digital.

Include marketing material: Advertise other products and any promotions that may incentivize a repeat purchase.

Avoid These Common Pitfalls

Avoid oversized boxes: Try to match the shipping box size with your product packaging so there is not an excess of dead space, requiring more cushioning material.

Avoid foam peanuts: Choose packing materials that are recycled materials and not overly wasteful.

Avoid complicated packaging: Assure your product packaging is easy to open.

Avoid weak tape: Use reinforced water-activated paper tape.

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