Ella’s Kitchen is launching OddPops, a savory snack brand aimed at 4-7 year olds. Positioned as a healthier, tastier and better snack, the wheat and potato pieces are popped and contain only natural flavors, with no artificial colors. Brand and design consultancy BIles Hendry led the charge. 

Kids’ savory snacking is a busy, noisy and colorful category with a lot of well-known brands, so creating cut-through and standout was key. But it needed to be done in an engaging way for kids, using a creative platform on which OddPops can build a brand—all while remaining true to the values of Ella’s Kitchen Brands Ltd.

The branding idea was born out of the fact that these odd triangular snacks are popped not fried, which led Biles Hendry to the name OddPops. The brand mark is simply the word OddPops in hand-drawn letters, which sit slightly unevenly off the baseline. The packs show the key benefits, such as ‘low in fats’ and ‘popped not fried,' clearly on pack.

Youngsters have active imaginations and OddPops taps in to this to add character, whimsy and appeal. The packs include imagery that varies as much in style as in narrative: 1950s retro meets black ink line drawing, meets photography, meets indie off-the-wall cartoon. Graphics includes a surfing panda, a skating dinosaur and a dog in a space suit.

OddPops come in two flavors: Totally Original and Moon Cheese.