Avery Dennison presented live demonstrations to help converters get started with RFID intelligent label technology and provide examples of how it is being used in aviation, beauty, food to improve supply chain management, increase inventory accuracy and enhance consumer engagement. As well as offering a wide selection of UHF, HF and NFC options to enable the use of RFID for any use case and is at the forefront of the intelligent labeling segment.

Avery Dennison has been innovating RFID solutions for this game-changing technology for more than a decade and labels for use with microwave ovens has been a market requirement that addresses customer, grocery stores and food retailers’ needs.

RAIN UHF RFID microwave safe solution AD-25X-P has been developed for item-level tagging of frozen packaged foods while delivering high read tracking capabilities.

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of our industry,” said Mariana Rodriguez, business director - intelligent labels, Avery Dennison. “Game-changing labeling innovations add value to the work converters perform to help their customers reach consumers in new and unique ways. It’s our job to not only help converters reduce costs while increasing efficiency with printing, facestock and adhesive innovations, but also to provide breakthrough technologies such as intelligent labels that ultimately enhance the consumer experience.”