Harvey Nichols’ own-label food packaging, famous for its iconic black and white photography, launched in 1994 and has stood untouched until now.

Smith&+Village reassessed the desires of the store’s uber-stylish consumers and delivered a collection as inspired and led by fashion as the London store itself, reinventing the food offering by putting the language of fashion at the heart of this daring rebrand.

Each individual range, from tea to biscuits, is given its own identity, but like a fashion collection, it is built up with lots of different elements, so that everything works together but does not look the same. The collection is unified by a strong tone of voice, luxury materials and a collection of newly crafted graphic patterns incorporating the Harvey Nichols ‘HN’ monogram. The success of the first range is evident with the patterns already appearing as touchpoints in other parts of the store. 

The attitude and razor sharp wit of Harvey Nichols is communicated in a tongue-in-cheek naming strategy for the food products, incorporating playful and mischievous one-liners such as “Short and Ginger (But I Still Love You)” for ginger shortbread and “Must-have Bags” for teabags.