Providing best-in-class, cutting-edge products, S-OneLP’s product line includes approved primers, coatings, security inks, overprint varnishes and flexible packaging films formulated specifically for digitally printing labels and flexible packaging on HP Indigo digital presses. S-OneLP offers complete and integrated solutions for a wide variety of applications while simplifying the ordering process for customers, with no minimum quantities and fast delivery times. It is the first digital-dedicated supply and support team in this ever-evolving industry.

“S-OneLP and HP Indigo share a desire to connect the application needs of our customers with cost effective high-performing answers,” says Ralph Giammarco, S-OneLP Vice President. “This collaboration agreement will enable us to create and communicate those solutions more effectively and with greater speed.”

With deep and long-held relationships with key manufacturers in this space, S-OneLP is further expanding partnership with Michelman, Kustom Group, Toray, Protect-all, VerifyMe, Charter NEX and others. The S-OneLP team brings to market industry-changing solutions, with fully integrated recyclable and compostable materials to be released in the near future.

“Building on a solid foundation of dependable service to customers and several customized application solutions, S OneLP is expanding to provide materials like OPVs and flexible packaging films to the market with timely delivery to mirror digital’s promise of quality and fast time to market,” says Allon Maoz, Director of Supplies, Media and Materials. “The alliance with S-OneLP will accelerate the adoption of digital solutions for labels and digitally printed flexible packaging solutions in the marketplace.”