This is indicative of the company’s successful integration of Transparent Container capabilities to provide a full slate of state-of-the-art product and
service offerings that assert our position as a true customer partner delivering the perfect package.

The new Rohrer organization utilizes best-in-class technology to provide customers the industry’s largest and most efficient print and thermoformed combination packaging program. Customers also benefit from expanded custom thermoforming capabilities, integration of best practices across all facilities and speed to market.

The further integration of these organizations is a critical step in enhancing Rohrer’s packaging industry leadership, providing customers a true one-stop shop for complete packaging solutions. The company is now made up of more than 1,000 employees across 10 strategically-located manufacturing plants in North America. This includes a new manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico, built to serve customers in this growing region and the West Coast. The facility serves customers from 11 production lines, providing such innovations as ComboBlister®, the fastest and most efficient blister program in the industry.

Steve Wirrig, CEO, Rohrer, says it’s just the beginning in the company’s strengthening of customer relationships. “Rohrer is committed to partnering with customers to provide innovative packaging solutions and value,” he says. “We deliver on this commitment by consistently investing in our capabilities to provide the largest array of innovative products and services that, ultimately, help build brands and bottom lines.”