Nobelus, specializing in printable and overlaminate films, and a specialty line of films for the print and packaging trade, LuxeFilms has introduced, Karess SmudgeProof.

Karess SmudgeProof takes the rose petal feel into applications prone to more handling while still retaining the signature feel and look of the popular LuxeFilms Karess. This clear overlaminate guards against scuff marks, smudges and fingerprints with its protective finish, allowing labels, cartons and book covers to have tactile qualities without showing wear. Its high surface energy makes an excellent platform for post-print embellishments. The 1.2 OPP (oriented-polypropylene) film-based product gets its crisp, clean edge during the production process.

The company has expanded into specialty laminating, both in thermal and wet lamination applications. The possibilities offer brand owners, designers and print finishers an outstanding new tool in gaining consumer attention and market share. 

Knoxville, TN-basd Nobelus will be showing the new film and others at Printing United in Dallas, TX, October 23-25, 2109.