Developed for use in classrooms, robotics labs and robotics training centers, Yaskawa Motoman’s pre-engineered EduCart™ workcell for education, workforce development, industrial robotics certification programs and Industry 4.0 applications features a fenceless design and six-axis industrial robot.

Compact and lightweight, the extruded aluminum cart is highly portable and features fold-in windows and a fold-up tabletop for transportation through a standard 36” doorway. The platform then easily expands to provide an increased work envelope for training. The EduCart platform includes a fully integrated suite of industrial grade academic tools for teaching a wide variety of real-world applications.

Featuring Yaskawa’s GP8 robot and YRC1000micro controller, the EduCart is powered through a standard 110 VAC outlet. The YRC1000 standard pendant provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for programming, I/O control and monitoring. A versatile Schunk gripper package with 3D printed fingers and a robust control interface is included.

Offering 270 degrees of unobstructed coverage, an integrated laser scanner establishes a safe working zone, while a plexiglass guard offers additional safety from the rear. Robot play speed is limited to 25% for enhanced student safety.

A dry-erase table top offers a convenient marking surface, and a replaceable magnetic teaching mat provides virtually unlimited curriculum options, including palletizing and path following. Source files to create customized mats are included.

An optional vision kit easily integrates with EduCart for additional certification opportunities.