Packagers looking to trim costs and streamline operations can benefit from the efficiency, reliability and low cost operation of Meler’s new Micron+ adhesive systems. Key benefits include an innovative tank construction that ensures uniform melt temperatures with no hotspots, char or waste; a horizontal piston pump design that provides consistent, direct adhesive feed; and a high efficiency design that uses 60% less energy and 50% less compressed air than comparable systems.

The compact Micron+ enables easy installation on existing packaging equipment and on traditional hot melt tank stands. Designed for ease of operation and operator safety, its extra-large tank lid opens completely to simplify refills and the Cool Touch housing limits heated surfaces. Time-saving maintenance features include easy access to all components via control panel door, slide-rail opening pump access and lift up tank housing. 

The adhesive system has a purchase price 30% lower than competitive hot melt adhesive units, and a comprehensive 2-year parts and service warranty. Micron systems and components are interchangeable with other hot melt systems and locally available to North American packagers through the Meler network of sales/service and distributors across the United States. 

The 7” touchscreen control panel has a menu interface that provides quick access to monitor real time production data, program glue head operation, and check equipment status and maintenance. Industry 4.0 connectivity allows full integration with packaging machine HMIs and secure WiFi connection to smartphones or tablets. Multiple communication protocols including Ethernet-IP, Modbus RTU, Profibus, and Profinet are available to provide full compatibility with existing equipment and factory automation networks.

The Micron+ series includes 4 models with application rates from 65 to 145 pounds per hour depending on the type of adhesive. Options include automatic feed and low level detector.