The OpX Leadership Network releases best practices and leadership guidelines for executing virtual factory acceptance tests (vFATs), to address the changing operational landscape brought on by COVID-19.

This addendum to the existing Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) work product tackles how to most effectively use communication and connection technologies to allow consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to interact remotely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“The pandemic has required new methods be established for executing FATs, which are likely to become standard procedures in the post-pandemic ways of working. This document provides the guidance both CPGs and OEMs need to successfully implement these new processes,” said Bryan Griffen, director of industry services, PMMI. “The OpX Leadership Network’s unique perspective blending CPG and OEM input makes these best practices critical learning for anyone interested in virtual FAT options.”

The OpX Leadership Network was founded in 2011 by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, to ensure CPG companies and OEMs are well-connected and well-prepared to solve common operational challenges, make smarter decisions and achieve operational excellence.

There are two parts to both the FAT work product and vFAT addendum – the playbook and an editable checklist. Both the FAT and vFAT work products, as well as other operational solutions, are available for free download at