Aptar Food + Beverage is partnering with MIWA Technologies, a Czech Republic-based company that has developed a standardized, reusable solution for the distribution of goods. MIWA’s in-store reusable and refillable bulk dispensers offer consumers a shopping experience free of single-use packaging, while supporting a circular flow of products that addresses challenges related to packaging sustainability.

“The MIWA reusability model offers an innovative, safe and hygienic solution to consumers, retailers and brands,” said Hedi Tlili, president of Aptar Food + Beverage. “MIWA will enable Aptar to spearhead the transition toward reusable packaging to achieve sustainability goals and increase packaging efficiencies.”

The circular flow of products begins when MIWA provides smart-powered, reusable capsules to brands. Brands fill the capsules with their products and deliver them to retail stores, where the capsules are inserted into modular shelves with electronic dispensers. Consumers are then able to use their own reusable containers, or system-connected cups, to receive the product. When the capsule is empty, it is collected by MIWA, cleaned and returned to brands to start the process over.

“The partnership between Aptar and MIWA will allow the companies to develop a broad range of solutions using the principle of re-use for packaging and materials,” said Petr Báča, founder and CEO of MIWA. “Packaging plays a key role in the systemic change towards more sustainable product delivery and consumption, and we look forward to leading the industry with our solutions.”

“With this system, brands can reduce their environmental impact and save resources by minimizing the need for single-use packaging, all while supplying retailers and consumers a sustainable solution,” said Jerome Magniet, president of Global Market Development, Aptar Food + Beverage. 

Retailers can enjoy bulk aisle automation, supply chain optimization and automatic reordering. Consumers can use the MIWA app to order and pay for their goods as well as access product information typically found on packaging, such as ingredients, nutritional information and expiration dates.