Coval, a vacuum components and systems company, introduced the Coval CVGM series mini vacuum chamber, designed to handle light and porous objects such as protective masks, fabric or leather cutouts. Weighing 300g and measuring 130 x 60mm, the CVGM vacuum chamber can be integrated with an automated system and is ideal for robotics and cobotics.

Coval says the CVGM was designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The chamber has a modular design and features a stainless-steel gripping interface that can be dismantled for cleaning. COVAL develops customized solutions for automated applications in different sectors, such as packaging, food processing or plastics processing.

According to the company, its experience as a supplier of components for vacuum automation and complete grippers enables it to assist manufacturers in defining the best technical solutions, which can be used all along the production chain— from the individual handling of objects to the palletization of complete layers at the end of the line.

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