The pooling service provider for reusable packaging, Euro Pool System, announced that it now recommends HERMA self-adhesive material to its customers as a tested raw material for labels. Using the adhesive 62P, the labels for the appropriate labeling of the reusable boxes fulfill two essentially contradictory properties: They provide reliable adhesion in a cool, damp environment, and they can be washed off again at a later stage without leaving any residue.

HERMA says its 62P has proven its practical benefit in combination with the HERMAextracoat (grade 242) label material, which is now on Euro Pool System’s recommendation list. The Euro Pool System offers so-called pooling services for the efficient and reliable transport of fresh goods, such as fruit and vegetables, bananas, meat, fish, seafood, eggs and baked goods. The logistics provider uses reusable and folding plastic crates.

After each journey, the crates are checked, cleaned and left with the next customer for reuse. This aims to ensure that no third-party labels are found on the crates. Euro Pool System recommends to its customers a selection of self-adhesive materials for labels, which are subject to strict criteria, for the labeling of reusable boxes.

“Our adhesive 62P has proven itself in practice as the label can be removed easily without leaving any residue,” explains Marcus Gablowski, head of adhesive and special coating development at HERMA. The customer therefore no longer needs to do additional cleaning work as crates with labels firmly stuck to them either require costly treatment or need to be sorted out.”

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