Cast Aluminum Solutions (CAS), a provider of heated components for the bottling and packaging industry, announced the launch of its new CAST-X High Temperature Heater line.

CAST-X High Temp Heaters feature high operating temps to 1110°F (600°C).

Additionally, CAST-X High Temp can reportedly safely heat flammable liquids, such as disinfecting agents, IPA and solvents. Drying gases and process gases such as nitrogen, argon and compressed clean air, may also be heated using CAST-X High Temp.

Cast Aluminum Solutions will offer CAST-X High Temperature Heaters in two standard sizes:

  • CAST-X HT 500 has power to 1500 W, and a ¼-in. fluid/gas flow-tube; it is available with a certified water-tight terminal enclosure (for wet applications), or with a no terminal enclosure option (for gas applications); both designs have a very small footprint.
  • CAST-X HT 2000 accommodates higher-flow applications with power to 6 kW, and a ½-in. flow tube; it’s available with either an explosion-proof or water-resistant terminal enclosure.

All CAST-X Heaters have a unique “no contact design,” where the heated media never contacts the heating element. The heated media (which can be liquid or gas) flows through a spiral-wound stainless steel or Inconel flow-tube, which is isolated inside the heater body — high-performance heating elements are also integrated within the heater body. This design is intended for safety and for cleanliness.

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