DreamPak unveiled its “Ultimate Concentrated Coffee” in shelf-ready bottles under its Press'd line.

The offering has a coffee concentration of 50x, meaning that one part concentrate is diluted with 50 parts water when preparing the finished beverage. In the “Micro-Dose Concentrate” subcategory of coffee, DreamPak says its offering represents by the most concentrated delivery on the market.

"If somebody tried to concentrate a liquid coffee any further, it would have to be in solid form," says Tarick Gamay, VP of sales & marketing for the beverage manufacturer. "We have seen emerging brands advertise a 20x coffee concentration, which is 1 tablespoon (15 ml) per serving. Press'd is significantly less diluted with one serving equating to 1 teaspoon (5 ml)."

The company says that concentration is the name of the game in the “Micro-Dose” coffee subcategory because of the efficiencies gained by packing more servings into a smaller bottle. “A more concentrated coffee yields less liquid per serving, which yields more servings per container, which ultimately yields a better value for the consumer," says Tarick. "Each 8-oz bottle of Press'd offers 50 servings of premium coffee for an MSRP of $9.49, which translates to less than $0.20 per serving. This is a tremendous value for essentially a bulk offering packaged in a shelf-ready PET bottle."

DreamPak says its Press'd Coffee is the first super-concentrated coffee available in plastic bottles, which the company says is preferred to glass by retailers and brands given the risk of breakage. The syrup-like consistency is thicker than other liquid coffees which lends itself to a variety of untraditional applications, including baking (add to cake/brownie batter), cooking (use as a marinade) and topping/mixer (add on top of ice cream or mix with yogurt).

Visit www.pressdcoffee.com for more information.