And there is no greater debate in American households this time of year than deciding the "right" way to eat candy corn. Fortunately, the National Confectioners Association recently released the definitive deep dive on how people enjoy this classic treat:

  • 52% of Americans eat the whole piece of candy corn at once;
  • 31% of people enjoy the narrow white end first; and
  • Just 17% of people start with the wider yellow end.

Candy corn ranks in the top three favorite Halloween treats that consumers want to receive while trick-or-treating. (And on that note – 80% of Americans say they'll go trick-or-treating this year.) It's a classic treat with a long history of helping people celebrate the season in fun, creative and safe ways.

While treats like candy corn play a central role in this seasonal celebration, most people in the U.S. enjoy chocolate and candy 2-3 times per week averaging about 40 calories per day and just one teaspoon of added sugar per day – and that includes moments like Halloween.