Converting from standard flat tape application to one with a folded edge has the potential to revolutionize case sealing, whether automated or done by hand. A small change requiring minimal investment can cut downtime, protect products and profits, and boost operational efficiency. Here are five clear ways technology can give your case sealing operations an advantage.


1. Increases the productivity of your secondary packaging line

Rework is the enemy of productivity. Having an efficient line means doing it right the first time. Broken tape and failed seals slow down the line and destroy productivity. New technology strengthens tape by doubling the gauge at the edges, reducing the risks of it being nicked and broken and increasing the relative energy needed to break the tape by 25%. Reinforced tape strength means more reliable application, while less breaking and tearing leads to increased throughput and more productivity.


carton sealing
ShurSEAL Folded Edge Technology strengthens tape by doubling the thickness of the edges along the length of the carton as the tape is applied.
Courtesy of Shurtape


2. Lowers material usage

Using less material has two major benefits: It reduces costs and your environmental footprint. An increased tape and seal strength, enabled by folding the tape edge, means you can switch from 72mm-wide tape with a standard application. This reduces material usage by 26% with no decrease in seal performance.


3. Decreases package weight

Width isn’t the only measure that can be reduced. Downgauging thickness gives you an advantage in lightweighting, which is key to making packaging and shipping more sustainable. For example, switching from a 1.9 mil to a 1.6 mil packaging tape will reduce material weight by 12%.


sealing tape
Folded Edge Technology provides a no-knife-to-open carton seal.
Courtesy of Shurtape


4. Reduces the risk of product damage

A ready-to-open carton seal creates a dry edge that workers can grasp to remove the tape easily by hand. The reinforced tape edge also provides an extra strong seal by increasing the strength of the tape, preventing it from shredding when removed. This eliminates the need for customers to use knives, box cutters or other sharp objects to open the package, thereby protecting the products inside.


5. Gives you an advantage with customers

In the interest of worker safety, many businesses have challenged their suppliers to ship products to them in cartons that can be opened without the use of a knife or other sharp object. Creating a ready-to-open seal takes the knife out of the supply chain, which puts you at the top of the list for manufacturers who insist on no-knife-to-open carton seals.


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